Patent Pending. This is my idea for a peddle-powered kayak.

Wind Turbine

You know how "some people just want to watch the world burn"? I'm the opposite, I can't sit idly by and watch our civilization destroy the planet. So while I don't have millions of dollars to implement some of my world-shifting ideas at moment, I did spend my spare funds building a 120V DC wind turbine.

Energy Storage

I like thinking energy storage. Its easy to create non-fossil-fuel-buring energy sources, the problems faced by working with sun and wind is that your system needs to be flexible. The more energy you can store the easier it is to concentrate your source. Batteries are a long way away from my expectations of how much energy could be stored in a home or neighborhood. My focus is on mechanical batteries at the moment. Pretty much I'd like to put a house on top of a massive piston. The pressure in the piston is fueled by any green source, and the pressure is captured and released later when energy is needed.

Beer Hops

I enjoy tasty beers. Being a fourth generation farmer with a few acres to spare, I realized not too long ago I should be growing beer hops. Currently we're in year 2 with plans to upscale every year until I launch Town Line Brewery in 2021 or so.

Forest Homes

I love trees and architecture. Wood is my favorite material to work with. So it only makes sense I would dream of merging the static form of a home with the living entitity from which it was created. This is just a quick idea I had one time.