Evidenced Based Primary Care

This application lists over 400 laboratory tests, physical exam findings, history findings, and radiological studies for the most frequent diseases encountered in the primary care setting. This was the product of an Independent Study Project at Georgetown University School of Medicine under the supervision of Steven Schwartz MD. The goal of the project was to aggregate EBM data for tests used to diagnose the most common diseases diagnosed or ruled out by primary care providers. Programming was performed by Randy Hunt. Front End Design was performed by Brett Lohr. Data was gathered by Will Dixon.

Northern Landscape

Helped this established landscape company connect with youtube, google+, and facebook users through a major revamping of their website.

Bowerman Associates

Substantially updated their previous website. Re-did entire structure and style, including overhauling every page and creating a more dynamic portfolio. And of course Google Analytics to track results of marketing and advertising campaigns.

North Road Wood Shop

Have been maintaining and updating NorthRoadWoodShop.com for over three years. The portfolio includes articles Jed had written on other webpages, without having to copy everything over, and it will stay updated if he writes more articles.

Town Line Farm LLC

Have been maintaining and updating TownLineFarmLLC.com for over four years. This is a good example of our custom small business responsive websites.

Captain Bob Lohr

Have been maintiaing and updating CaptBobLohr.com for over four years. This website features "sliding pages", check it out.