You made it. Welcome to LohrDesigns.com. This website is a digital presentation of my art, projects, and services.

Why I'm here.

Lohr Designs LLC exists to make the universe a better place to live in. Increasing the quality of all life on all fronts all the time is why I live and breathe. I aim to achieve this through the creative use of both art and science.

What I can do for you.

From websites to architecture, there aren't any boundaries here when it comes to making creative things. Take a look around the website, and you'll see that I love to create in many different mediums. Have an idea? Run it by me; I love to work with others to help them realize their goals.

About Lohr Designs LLC and Brett Lohr.

I'm an architect by training, a web designer by day, and an inventor by night. In my free time, I grow hops, build wind turbines, and climb rocks.